What's New 

  • CERAMIC COVE CORNERS: The “one size fits all” inside and outside corner accessory pieces provide a finished corner edge at a 90° angle while also inhibiting the collection of dirt build up with their matching cove shape. Corners are to be used with the Ceramic Cove profile.  See English/French flyer.  See English/Spanish flyer.

  • CINCH FLOOR TRANSITIONS: CINCH floor transitions are the latest flooring accessory innovation that provides ease of installation with 3M VHB high-strength self-adhesive tape and complements today's most popular and economical flooring surfaces.

    ·         4 profiles utilizing 3M VHB tape

    ·         3FT transitions, 3FT & 6FT stair nosing

    ·         No fasteners required!

    ·         4 muted powder coated aluminum color offerings to complement:

    o    LVT/LVP

    o    Laminate

    o    Carpet

     See flyer for details.    See installation instructions.   Watch installation video.

  • STAINLESS STEEL TILE TRIMS: The PROVA TILE EDGE series now includes the cost effective, yet premium quality stainless steel trim solution you have been searching for! These solid stainless steel tile trims and corners provide strength and durability for numerous applications without sacrificing style or finishing flare with a subtly brushed finish. See flyer for details.

  • PROVA BOARD PAN ASSEMBLY KIT: All of the components required to install and waterproof a tiled shower with PROVA BOARD PLUS tile backer. This alternative method is perfect for new construction or projects where existing drywall/cement board needs to be replaced. See brochure for details.     Watch installation video.   See installation instructions.

  • CERAMIC CORNERS PACKAGING: A smart and simple merchandising solution is now available for small accessory pieces like our ceramic corners. See flyer for details.

  •  PROVA-MAT IS NOW ICC-ES EVALUATED! See full news release.

  • PROVA FLEX-HEAT - The ultimate versatility in tile underlayment has arrived! The all new PROVA FLEX-HEAT is the latest and most multi-functional tile underlayment available today. Featuring a deep groove design suitable for multiple thicknesses of heating cables. The exclusive vapor management and Shear Stress Control systems provide unsurpassed quality in anti-fracture and uncoupling designed to outperform the competition! See brochure. See press release. See installation instructions & warranty.

  • CERAMIC COVE - The Ceramic Cove profile is designed for sanitary base applications as it prevents dirt build-up in tight grooves and joints with its wide-faced cove. See flyer for details.

  • COMMERCIAL GRADE VINYL PROFILES: The new reducer and nosing profiles were designed with installers in mind as they are made from durable flexible virgin vinyl compounds and extruded in North America for quick and easy access. See flyer for details.

  • DESIGNER WALL BASE - The all new Designer Wall Base series brings floor-to-wall finishing and application to a whole new level. The heavy gauge vinyl material and satin finishing gives a luxurious look to high-end commercial jobs. See flyer for details.

  • 7 NEW VINYL COLORS - Loxcreen introduces 7 new colors for 2016 that are intended to warm-up commercial spaces. See flyer for details.

  • PROVA NICHE - The latest addition to the PROVA products line has arrived! PROVA NICHE is a pre-fabricated niche made of PROVA BOARD Plus waterproofing tile backer and can be used with PROVA MAT or PROVA BOARD panels when installing a tiled shower. PROVA NICHE is a useful and stylish accessory that can be used to hold shampoo bottles, soap and all other necessities while keeping your tiled shower neat and tidy. See flyer for details.


  • PROVA UNIVERSAL EXTENSION KIT - This new extension kit was designed with perforated corners so an installer can build a shower base with or without cuts to accommodate many styles and base shapes. It was also developed to meet the growing trend of larger and more luxurious showers/saunas/steam showers, therefore, size possibilities are endless when using multiple kits! See flyer for details.


  • CERAMIC JOINT REDUCER - The ALL NEW Ceramic Joint Reducer has arrived and is in high demand for flooring applications of unequal heights and where expansion is expected. The small profile can be used to fill and expansion joint while the sleek top face creates a smooth transition between ceramic, hardwood, and/or laminate floors. See flyer for details.


    The highly anticipated 2015/2016 Ceramic & Stone Installation Accessories catalog is now available!

    All PROVA Products and Ceramic Profiles are now combined into one clean and stylish booklet which is also 3-hole punched to fit binders for easy transport to and from job sites.

    Click here to view the new catalog now!

    French catalogue       Spanish catalog


  • SQUARE CERAMIC TILE EDGE - The latest addition to our Ceramic accessory line comes in 3 standard sizes and 3 popular finishes. It can be used to finish and protect the outer edge of tiled walls, floors and backsplashes or as an accent with a feature strip or listello border.  The clean lines formed by the square profile create a sleek and contemporary look to finish a commercial or residential ceramic project. See flyer for details.

  • 12FT LVT MOLDINGS - LVT moldings are now available in 12FT lengths. Loxcreen LVT moldings are anodized in both Satin Antique Bronze and Satin Titanium and available in 3 gauges for different thicknesses of vinyl tile. See flyer.  Installation instructions for our LVT moldings using the patented technology of ProVa Seal™ are also available.

  • NEW & IMPROVED - PROTEGGA PLUS+   We are proud to announce the latest innovation to our current tile underlayment. Protegga Plus+ contains all of the great features of the Protegga that has been used for over 10 years of worry-free installations in the Canadian market, with the added benefit of the all new Shear Stress Control technology. Read more   See flyer

  • TOWER TEX GROUT CAULK DISPLAY PROGRAM. We have designed two display packages which can now be used as great selling tools to get this product off your shelves and into the hands of installers! Read more.         Package 1       Package 2

  • PROVA PIPE SEAL ACCESSORY PACKS! As it has always been included in our PROVA SHOWER SYSTEM box kits, there has been alternate demand to make our PROVA PIPE SEAL available for purchase separately as well. We have now made the option available to order a multi-pack of 10 or in a single pack. See more

  • NEW & IMPROVED: SABRE TOOTH STRAIGHT EDGE is a tool for cutting carpet, sheet vinyl and other flooring materials.This improved profile is now available for immediate shipment. See more

  • PROVA BOARD PLUS+ is the new alternative to cement backer board for waterproofing tile installations. This upgrade offers a cleaner looking and more consistent finish plus enhanced density with superior performance standards. See more
  • Introducing a new line of CAULKS & SEALANTS. With our full line of high quality silicone sealants and acrylic caulks including a diverse selection of DuPont and TOWER products, we can provide the perfect solution for a wide variety of projects! See more
  • ALL NEW TROWEL PROGRAM! Our merger with M-D Building Products has given the us the opportunity to offer our customer base new installation accessory items.  M-D trowels have been designed and manufactured for the Professional Installer. Customer- preferred product features include comfortable TPR handles and notch sizes etched right onto the trowel blade. Choose from a large variety of notch types and know you have the correct trowel to get the job done right....more
  • We are pleased to announce the addition of two new colors to the Enhanced Essentials vinyl program. Butter Cream - ST046 and Black Brown – ST052....moreNew Vinyl Program
  • New Product Update: Stainless Steel Cove Cap is the latest addition to our aluminum extrusion line and can be used on a wall to provide a coved finish...more

  • Loxcreen is proud to present the latest addition to our ProVa® family. The ProVa® Shower System line now includes a new 32”x 60” center drain application kit....more. See brochure

ProVa Systems – List of additional products available – Immediate Shipment…ProVa-Board//ProVa-Board Fasteners//ProVa-Seal...more

As part of our continuing effort to keep you informed of any improvements we may have initiated recently, we are pleased to announce the additional of Hammered Antique Bronze finish....more

All new Metal Décor finish…The new finishes and sublimation process is new to Loxcreen...Utilizing the sublimation process will allow us to manufacture a wood grain finish on an aluminum trim.  This will ensure durability and strength for your flooring project…more

Oak & Maple Bull Nosing - 4ft Lengths - Finishes 3/4" hardwood at top of stairs or landings...more

Vinyl Self Stick Tub Cove Moulding  is commonly used at the outside base of bathtubs to finish off hard surface installation projects...more

Commercial 2IN T-cap for use where adjacent floors meet and color coordination is important….Made for high traffic commercial purposes….more

Counter Top/Stair Nosing provides a decorative finish while protecting the edge of tile or stone from chips and dents....more

FTNP4220 - Vinyl Stair Nosing - New & Improved - Specification changes...more

Luxury Vinyl Tile Trims (LVT) - As a leader in floor trims and mouldings, Loxcreen Flooring Group is on of the only companies capable of producing an aluminum vinyl luxury floor trim that is strong enough to withstand daily traffic, but attractive enough to compliment the beauty of Luxury Vinyl Tile floors....more

Ceramic Outside Corners - We at Loxcreen are constantly upgrading our product line and looking for innovative ways to make your task easier....more

The ProVa-Shower Counter Display...An innovative point of purchase customer information tool...more

Loxcreen Flooring Group is very proud to announce the addition of our "DISCUS" Rubber Tile & Stair Tread program.  "Discus" is a versatile rubber flooring/stair tread program which meets all the functional and aesthetic requirements from a designer's perspective...more 

CM331STS08 - 1/8IN Stainless Steel Resilient Cove Cap...more 

MDF LAMINATE MOULDINGS - LAUNCHING "NEW" COLORS...We have launched "new" MDF Laminate colors in regards to the 6mm-9mm & 10mm-14mm MDF Laminate Mouldings programs...more 

ProVa-Shower kits (48” X 48” centre drain placement & 32” x 60” off set drain placement) are now available with PVC drains...more

ProVa-Shower Curb - We have improved our 38IN ProVa-Shower curb... NOW Shipping 4-1/2" x 6" x 48" ProVa-Shower Curb ...The new ProVa-Shower curb will allow completing those special installations.  Also, we added one additional dovetail mortar channel to the bottom for superior bonding strength...more

Loxcreen Flooring Group featured on   Review the following "Installation Videos" on line...

ProVa-Shower System Kit - 32" x 60"
ProVa-Shower System Kit - 48" x 48"
ProVa-Shower Curb
ProVa-Shower Extension Kit

Ceramic Edge Protection Ramp - This versatile and heavy duty metal makes an ideal trim or transition for many application...more

Loxcreen Flooring Group: ProVa-Drain "Product Improvement"...more...Press Release... 

The 32" x 60" ProVa-Shower system is the one installation system that provides a complete waterproofing system for maintenance-free tiled showers, that ensures an easy and efficient installation process...more

Loxcreen Flooring Group announces the addition of SATIN ANTIQUE BRONZE...more 

ProVa-Flex - For the highest rated uncoupling membrane certification the Industry has to offer, Loxcreen's ProVa-Flex!  You can relax knowing you have installed the very best the Ceramic Tile Industry has to offer!...more 

Tile Decorative Aluminum Stair Nosing - Heavy duty profile with smooth finish and decorative face...CM4551 and CM4552

ProVa-Shower Curb - Prefabricated shower curb - 4-1/2" X 6" X 38"...more...

As the ProVa-Shower product line continues to grow, as we are offering the ProVa-Shower kit  and ProVa-Drain in different grate finishes...Press Release

Extension Kit - This 4 piece extension kit is available to convert a 4' X 4' up to 4' X 6' shower base.  To convert a 4' X 4' up to 6' X 6' two (2) kits are required...TT8011EXT04

Loxcreen Flooring Group announces the addition of ProVa-Drain accessory grates...Press Release...Photo...more.

Loxcreen Flooring Group announces the addition of the Premium Unfinished Solid Oak/Maple Mouldings program...more.  Advertisement - English and French.

Another great product Loxcreen Flooring Group announces...ProVa-Flor - Technical Sheet

Bengard Manufacturing winning the Advertising Excellence Award 2009more

The ProVa-Shower system is the one installation system that provides a complete waterproofing system for maintenance-free tiled showers, that ensures an easy and efficient installation process...more

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